Guangzhou, China

On my trip to China, I stayed at Sun Yat-sen University for 10 days, located in the city of Guangzhou. While staying at a hotel on campus, I took Chinese language and culture classes (Mandarin is definitely not an easy language) taught by volunteers and graduate students at the university. I received a card with about 400 yuan on it at the beginning of my stay, to be used at the canteen and campus store. I'll admit, going into this trip, I was very nervous that I was not going to find food I was willing to eat, as I am a very picky eater. However, I always found something delicious at the school canteen whenever I was hungry. The pastries at breakfast were so delicious, I wish I could have brought some home with me.

Guangzhou, China is a tropical city covered in greenery, and with very hot and humid weather. I quickly found out that my skin is very sensitive to the insects there. My first morning in Guangzhou, I woke up to red bumps clustered on my arm and spread around my whole body. They proceeded to get worse on the second day.
After switching hotel rooms and getting medicine at the university clinic, the bites eventually started to clear up.

Though I had a small problem with the bugs, I loved Guangzhou. One night, I went on a cruise of the Pearl River where you could see all the buildings lit up at night. I ate street food and shopped on a busy street. I stood in front of the Canton Tower, the largest in China. I met amazing people with hearts of gold. Although I still have a lot of the world to see, someday I will make it back to Guangzhou.

Signing out,